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Softwood Doors


4 Panel Clear Pine 2 Light Glazed


4 Panel Clear Pine



4 Panel Knotty Pine


6 Panel Clear Pine



6 Panel Knotty Pine


Pine Downham Glazed


Pattern 10



8 Light Clear Pine Glazed


SA Pre-Glazed Pine





















This range features a wide choice of glazed and panelled designs, and the 4 Panel Clear Pine is available as a fire door. You can also specify mobility sizes - and if space is an issue, there are neat bi-fold options.

Glazed doors are supplied with all glass toughened to BS 6206, BS EN 12600 or BS EN 12150.

Pine doors are manufactured with an engineered construction using selected veneers and lippings. The benefits of an engineered door are unique. This scientific way of controlling warp, shrink and twist present you with a superior door.

Doors are engineered using a solid internal core of laminated timber lengths. This gives a uniform stile and cross-rail construction that ensures maximum strength and stability. The exposed surface is covered with premium grade veneer which guarantees performance and attractive appearance.

Redwood and Hemlock doors are of a solid construction.


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