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Burford 4 Panel



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Arched Top Grained


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4 Panel Grained



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6 Panel Grained



6 Panel Grained 35mm Fire Door


6 Panel Smooth




We offer a variety of panel configurations, designed for traditional or contemporary interiors, with either smooth or textured surfaces. There is also a choice of core specifications, including standard, Developer Door and FD30 (fire resistant for up to 30 minutes). Glazed doors are another option, with all glass toughened to BS 6206, BS EN 12600 or BS EN 12150.

These doors are made from hardwearing, one-piece moulded facings, bonded to a timber frame and painted with a white base coat. Bi-fold versions are ideal for small areas and wardrobes, and we also offer mobility sizes.

We offer the following cores:

Standard Core 
A multi-cell core for light duty, non fire-rated applications. Suitable for domestic use.

Developer Door Core 
The solid core of the Developer Door provides additional strength and stability to the product. It may also reduce noise transmission and the risk of fire spread through the property (Please note this is not a tested fire-rated door).

Fire Door Core 
The FD30 core is a high density core material. This proven construction, when correctly installed with suitable intumescent strips, will provide certified fire resistance.

35mm Fire Door Core 
Constructed with a high density inert core, the 35mm thick certified 30 minute fire door can be used to upgrade an existing opening to a fire door without the need to replace the lining or frame*.

Hardwood 35mm Fire Doors - 
intumescent strips can be fitted directly to the door so it can be used with an existing frame.

Moulded 35mm Fire Doors - 
the intumescent strip is pre-fitted further reducing fitting time and cost.


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