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Exterior Hardwood Doors


Stable Oak M&T Triple Glazed


Richelieu Oak M&T Triple Glazed

Cottage Oak M&T Triple Glazed

Regent Oak M&T



Drayton M&T Triple Glazed


Chelsea M&T Triple Glazed


Cottage M&T Triple Glazed


Carolina M&T Glazed


Bosworth M&T



9 Panel Stable Dowel


Georgian M&T



4 Panel M&T



Richmond M&T



Regent M&T







All our external hardwood doors are either solid or of an engineered construction. Engineered hardwood doors have a laminated, finger-jointed hardwood core and hardwood veneer, to increase stability.

Other than the unglazed Stable, all our hardwood external doors are constructed using variants of the Mortice and Tenon joint (Mortice and Tenon, Stub Mortice and Tenon, Twin Mortice and Tenon).

Oak doors, a popular alternative to red hardwood, are also part of this range. Their engineered construction features a laminated hardwood core and real oak veneer.

We offer oak and hardwood doors with triple glazing, where a decorative centre layer (which can be clear, obscure or bevelled and with zinc leading) is protected by two outer layers of 4mm toughened glass. This sealed weatherproof unit increases the thermal value of the window, and makes the design easy to clean.



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