Solid Core Blank Lightweight

This plywood faced fire door is extremely versatile and can be customised to create something unique. You can cut the blank to size, make apertures in accordance with specific guidelines, and add veneers or other finishes.

  • Constructed using three layers of laminate core
  • Suitable for paint finishes
  • The door can be cut to size (do not trim the top)
H2134mm x W914mm (7′ 0" x 3′ 0")
FD, E, L, M FD30 (Indicative U-value 2.0) DXF0541
H2134mm x W914mm (7′ 0" x 3′ 0")
FD, E, L, M FD60 (Indicative U-value 1.9) DXF0544
H2439mm x W1219mm (8′ 0" x 4′ 0")
FD, E, L, M FD30 (Indicative U-value 2.0) DXF0553


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